Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feeling Anxious by Juli

So how does it feel to know that you only have one more day to purchase sparkling new items from a retail store? I am anxious, nervous, worried, and I feel rushed to purchase whatever I can at whatever cost. It's as if I am celebrating some crazy holiday that promotes commercialism and greed....if you know what I mean.

Well tomorrow I will soak in the shiny white floors and florescent lighting of Target as I swirl through the clearance racks. My cart will be full of sparkling clean underwear and crisp white socks. Did I mention I was nervous?

Friday will be a really good day, coffee with my sisters and a cookbook exchange. I just hope my cookbook isn't..."365 Ways to Make Sloppy Joe's" or "You Can Fry Anything!" I think my sister loves me more than that...we will see!

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