Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Last Juli

With the loving support of a good friend, Jodi Hogan, I bravely ate my last "new" shopping meal. Was it hard you may ask? Well I must say I am not sad to miss those crowded stores with the annoying ladies that don't know clothes rack etiquette. But I will miss the variety of trendy new clothes with their crisp new price tags. I admit I felt a nervous pressure to procure all that I can within my mere budget. What I came home with was a lot less than I expected.

1 long cardigan sweater - Gap Outlet
4 dress shirts for Kit - Van Huesen Outlet
3 pairs of long socks - Target
4 tank tops - Gap Outlet
1 pair of black stretchy skinny pants - Marshalls
4 pair of underwear - Marshalls
1 toy basket for Lola $1
3 chew toys for Lola $1
1 tutu for Lola (she hated it by the way) $1
1 dvd - Baby Mama (Love it!)

From here on out...Used, Used, Used!

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