Friday, January 1, 2010

Root Vegetable Jessica

First recipe out of my new cookbook! My cookbook is The Instant Cook by Donna Hay. Beautiful cookbook with some delicious looking recipes & pictures. Thanks Juli! Tonight I was making roast chicken with yorkshire pudding, so I decided to make the root vegetable fritters. Basically grated sweet potato, carrot & parsnip binded with some flour & egg, then pan fried. Finally sandwiched together with ricotta cheese. Pretty tasty and the kids liked them too!
By the way J&J, I forgot to mention this morning that since I have a bad memory and I can just imagine me making a recipe and serving it and saying *wow, this tastes familiar* to then realize that I made this recipe 3 months ago, I am putting stickers on the recipes when I complete them. First sticker adhered:


Justine, Jessica & Juliana said...

Looks yummy! I remember reading that recipe and thinking it sounded good. I think I am going to write the date of when I did each recipe and notes of improvement or adjusting on each recipe - Juli

jboudreau said...

You girls are so creative and zealous!
I'm so into Thrift and Garage saling right now myself. Good idea making adjustment notes right in the book. My sister in law, Chelsea even writes when she really likes something or not so she remembers if it was good, very good or GREAT!
I bet you'll find some great new recipes and hopefully you can post some of the bests for us all to try! Keep up the writing and project! Very inspiring! - Jessica Boudreau

shoes*shoes*shoes said...

mmm...that looks really tasty!!!

Justine, Jessica & Juliana said...

I guess at some point I will have to get over trying to keep my book all clean and pretty and will attempt to write in it. I got all snarky at Anya when she slightly bent the cover page. I need to relax. Jessica