Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chocolate Dessert Cakes and Three Baked Jessica

Thankfully I started my day off with a good walk so I didn't feel too terribly guilty indulging in Super Bowl Sunday snack fest! I made Three Baked Beans and Chocolate Dessert Cakes. The baked beans were made because I knew they would never be a hit in my house no matter when they were made, so I always knew this would be a recipe I'd take to someone's house. It was tasty....not extraordinary, but good.

The Chocolate Dessert Cakes were a molten chocolate cake with a nice warm gooey center. Next time I'm going to pay attention to temperature times in the cookbook because I baked them at 350° and they should have been baked at 320°, so the molten was a little less moltenish than I'd prefer. I will make these again and I will make sure I buy the whipped cream to go along with it.

Super Bowl is always fun for the food and fun for the guys. I think this means that when the next 5 hour tv event is on (what maybe the Oscars?), the girls get to sit on the couch and drink champagne and the boys get to shop for the food, cook the food, serve the food, clean up the food, take the kids to the park, take them potty, change their diapers, feed them dinner, wipe their sticky hands and then put them to bed. Yes?


Juliana said...

I ditto that...I don't have a kid, but we took Lola to the Littleton's house and I was so nervous that she was going to piddle on their nice floors! Up down, up down...

Jeni Perkins said...

I like that idea! Super Bowl Sunday is one of my least favorite days because of all the things you mentioned! This was the first year (maybe in our marriage) when we just stayed home. I did sneak out to the grocery store, which was the most pleasant shopping trip ever! No one on the roads or in the store aisles, no lines, peace & quiet...ahh!