Friday, February 12, 2010

Time well Juli

This week posed many temptations due to the fact that I had a few days off to monitor my recently fixed bully, Lola. With days of nothing planned I had a few inkings to peruse Macy's knowing that our assembly is this weekend, and I try to look cute at least once a year.
Well with the help of my dear friends,
my temptations were thrown to the wayside.

Salina and Amanda and I went thrift shopping around town
on Wednesday and we all found some really great things:
Dresses, shoes, purses,
and a fur hand muff with a strawberry on it for Salina's little niece
( it was a necessity!)
Also tons and tons of plastic hangers for the clothing exchange!!!!....
(mark your calenders, March 27th)

Yesterday I visited a local cafe with my bud, Jodi and her son Lucas. We walked to the Library and a whole other realm of free was opened up to me.
Free books and free movies....oh yeah!

All in all our commitment hasn't put a damper on y time off at all! I love it!
Well I am off to either go to the park or go crafting with Justine.....c'ya later!

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Jessica said...

Wow, you sound like you've been doing some fun stuff! I would have had to buy the strawberry hand muff also, that sounds too cute.