Friday, March 5, 2010


Okay, so I was very excited to be a part of the J Project for the month of February. Though, to be honest, I was more optimistic about the cooking part than the shopping part. If you have met me, you already know I have a little bit of a shopping issue (I have gotten better over the last couple of years...sort of). The cooking part, I have only recently started to really enjoy cooking. Some may be quite surprised about how domesticated I have become over the years! Poor Matt, I don't think he ate a home cooked meal the first 5 years of our marriage. Well, that is unless we ate dinner at my parent's or his parent's house.

So now the month review, it was the opposite of what I thought the results would be. I did really well with not buying anything new. I did not buy a thing!! Wow, I did not think that was going to happen! It actually wasn't that bad, I didn't really have any temptations throughout the month. Matt was very happy!

Now for the recipes, I thought I would do pretty well with this. Um, not so much! So I picked February because it was a short month and I thought that would benefit me somehow with the shopping. Instead, the first week we were all sick and I did not cook any of the recipes. No excuses, I know! I only made 5 of the 15 recipes, so horrible! The 5 I did make, turned out pretty good though. My favorite one, was the basil and lemongrass chicken. So my goal is to make the other 10 recipes this month.

This was a lot of fun, I think I will try again and join later this year! You J girls are awesome!! Hopefully, next time I will do better!!!


Juliana said...

Good job Jaime!!!!

Justine said...

I only did 5 recipes my first month too. I think 15 recipes is at the upper end of practical for a month especially the shortest month of the year! Which recipes did you make? Any tips?

You did great! Thanks for supporting us! Can't wait for you to join us again.

Jessica said...

Yeah Jamie, you did good!