Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's March on over to Jessica

Doesn't it just seem like spring is taking forever to get here?? I should be happy about this because I don't know what pants I'm going to wear when it gets warm. I hope the clothing exchange brings me some pants.

This month:
I didn't buy anything new. I drank all my coffees from paper cups (oops). I cooked 9 recipes, bringing my total recipes left to 142. I exercised every day for at least 20 minutes.

I really really wanted a pair of gold colored peep toe Stuart Weitzman espadrille wedges and got involved in a bidding situation on ebay which almost resulted in me buying a pair of shoes that weren't labeled as "New" but I probably would have spent too much on them and felt guilty about the whole thing. I find my spring shoe selection (the time between boots & flip flops) to be slim and I was kicking myself for throwing a pair of espadrilles out last year because the sole was getting ratty. Well, lo and behold I found them in my mess of a closet and they just need to be fixed. Thanks Juli for keeping your eye out for me though, I appreciate it.

I also appreciate the rolling pin Justine. An item I would have gone and purchased when a perfectly good one was at your house just wanting to be mine. I wish I had something you sure you don't want my 5 lb weights? wink

We did decide in the very beginning of this project that we could buy a new coffee travel mug and I haven't bought one yet. I have been mulling this purchase over for three months now and it may be time to purchase this I Am Not A Paper Cup mug:


Justine said...

You did give me something I "needed". A bag a yummy crackers which I almost completely devoured on the way home. Way to ruin my workout! So worth it though. Glad you found your shoes.

Juliana said...

I forgot to mention on my month end posting that I am totally failing on the working out thing. i did pretty well for the first week or two, but since then its been pretty sketchy. Oh and it doesn't help that Lolas has decided its totally un-cool to walk. I take two steps and she puts on the brakes....grrr. Anyways good job with your working out!