Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Interview with the Boys....by Jessica

So what do our husbands think about this whole project? I thought it was pretty funny to hear Kit admit that: "sorry Justine & Jessica, but I only read Juli's posts". It got me thinking about them and wondering what they think about the whole thing and us crazy girls.
(And I'll bet you he'll read this post even though it's mine..Muahhaahahaha!)

So I decided to do a mid-year interview and get some of their thoughts.
Joel is Justine's Husband

Zack is Jessica's Husband

Kit is Juli's Husband

What was your first reaction when you heard about the project?

JOEL - Show me the $$ I will save.
ZACK - At first I figured it would be another incomplete project started with zeal and fizzle out when the fun was over. Then I quickly remembered that this had to do with food. It would stick.
KIT - They wont last long on the no buying new things.

What has been your least favorite part of the project?

JOEL - Extra bad 5:00pm low blood sugar melt down.
ZACK - The ever certain reality that pretty pictures don't always equal tasty food. Seriously I'm shooting for Bobby Flay over bland Donna Hay for the next round. I bet she loves mushy peas because they are loaded with nutrients and Flavor!
KIT - Beet Stew

What has been your favorite part?

JOEL - 5:30 watching recovery from 5pm low blood sugar melt down with latest Jamie O. recipe. Yum!
ZACK - It has been fun seeing so many new dishes and reading everyones creativity on the blog. Not to mention watching EVERYONE using up there "justification lines".
KIT - Orange pork and the lamb shanks

How often do you read the blog? And do you read ALL the posts, or just your wifes entries?

JOEL - Weekly. Read everyones entries while looking over Justine's shoulder in bed before nodding off to sleep.
ZACK - I read all the posts. I usually wait once or twice a month and get caught up.
KIT - Every couple weeks, just my wife's. Unless something catches my eye

If you could choose next years project, what would be your choice?

JOEL - On-line shopping only. You are not to set foot in any shop except a supermarket including good-will's and 2nd hand stores. Keep up the cookbook thing! Rotate cookbooks so we can taste what we saw in other blog entries and last but not least Husbands pick all the vacations for the year.
ZACK - Beer and barbeque all year!
KIT - Less healthy desserts, more unhealthy ones.

We're six months into it...what's your prognosis for the remainder of the year?

JOEL - Justine will score an 80% in not buying new things and completing Jamie Oliver recipes.
ZACK - I think everyone will finish their cook books. I see the buying new things crumbling very quickly. Nothing like summertime to make you open up your wallet.
KIT - Its going to be a tight call on the recipes.

Anything else you'd like to say about your lovely wifes efforts this year?

JOEL - You have been a real Trouper!!
ZACK - This question sounds like a plea for a pat on the back so I will cave in. Excellent job in reaching your goals halfway through. It has been a lot of work for you but fun for us to watch and enjoy. I am curious to see what kind of shopping spree I should be saving my money for at the end of the year though........
KIT - It still not cheaper we just get more junk for the same price.


Tristan said...

TRISTAN: Whats a J Project?

Justine said...

Guess Joel won't be going back to Ashland...or the Cayman islands come to think of it ;)

Good job Jes. Thanks boys for being brutally honest.

Juliana said...

Kit doesn't sound like he is enjoying it very much. Joel and Zack were so sweet, I can say that because I know Kit never reads the comments either. Can someone complement me now? JK...6 more months to go!! Yippee girls we can do it!!!!

Justine said...

Oh juju, I meant "good job Jes" on the post not the project. But hey, good job to you too :) I didn't think my husband was particularly "sweet". I can write that because he doesn't read the comments either. Tee hee hee.

Juliana said...

I just set the blog as my homepage....maybe that will encourage more diversity in the post readings.

Jessica said...

Tristan - thanks for all your support. You and your brothers are amazing.
Justine & Juli, I thought all the boys were pretty funny and yes, GOOD JOB to us all!!!!

smodi said...

That was an awesome idea Jessica. It was really funny hearing their reactions. I think you are all doing an awesome job!!!! You will make it to the end just because of pure determination!

Juliana said...

Kit Just read the comments. (POSTED BY KIT!)

Jessica said...

That made me laugh ^^^

Juliana said...

Kit just made be go to the blog and go to the comments...sneaky little fella!

bobby thomas said...

hi every one i read all your post i my not
post a comment i do read your post you are all
doing a great job looking for word to the rest
of the year

Juliana said...

Thanks Bobby! We appreciate you reading our blog!