Saturday, August 7, 2010

40 Years of Juli

Last weekend us "J's" along with 2 "T's" an "M" and an "N" celebrated our parents 40th wedding anniversary by throwing them a big bash. It was PERFECT in every possible way and we all did really really well at buying nothing new! As Jessica mentioned before all us girls wore previously loved dresses and shoot, we looked cute!

I was in charge of decorations and I tried my best to use my creative recycling skills to make home made decorations. We used scrapbooking paper I already owned to adorn the favor tin's and magnets, the flag banners and the "Troup's Cafe" menu. Also I created tissue paper pom pom's and found 3 (in the package) ikea paper lanterns at a thrift store. You couldn't believe how excited I was when I found them! As for the candle holders and vases I created a vintage look by painting mason jars (oops those were new) with a special glass paint that gets baked to seal up the paint. It was really easy and they came out looking great!

We tried to be eco friendly and rented dishes and champagne flutes, but I suppose we should have mentioned on the invite for everrone to bring their own travel mug...eeewww how tacky is that?!?!
Our decorations (paper lanterns and mason jars) are going to be put to use again at another special event at the end of the month...I think you know which one a I am talking about....remember the dress?

Well in conclusion....



Marlene said...

What a beautiful party it was. We had a great time.

Jessica said...

I was in charge of food and I bought EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING new. Wow, failure again :-)
Just kidding. Those pics are great. Too bad we didn't get any photos of us girls in our thrifted dresses.