Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day Juli

I come before you with a confession

I didn't wear any of my 10 items today!

The hubster and I joined our
most adventurous friends
Jason & Krissy for a day
of biking & exploring Angel Island.

Absolutely none of my 10 items were
appropriate for the daybut I think we came
up with agood justification:
It was a workout outfit!
Not a WORK or going OUT outfit.
It was one that I could ride my bike in
and not worry about getting dirty.
Here's some highlights


Anonymous said...

awww super cute! it didnt rain on you did it?? It looks like a lot of fun :)
ps. i agree this outfit counts! you cant ride bikes in your long jeans, jessicas simpson flats, cork wedge heels, skirt, green sweater OR belts haha :D

bobby thomas said...

i hope it did rain on u
hope u had lots of fun

Jessica said...

Are those pics with your camera (the Canon)?

Moriahs Marvelous Cakes said...

Your pics are amazing! I need a good camera and a lesson wouldn't hurt either.