Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Outfit - Day Jessica

Take a look at Anya's black cloud face in this picture. The good thing I can say about Anya's bad moods is they dissipate really quick. They remind me of a piece of dry straw being lit on know the quick whoosh of a hot flame, then it burns out so quickly and so cleanly that you're left with barely a trace of ash and you're not even sure if it was there. That's her black moods. So please be assured that within 1 minute of this picture being taken she was back to her normal self.

And please note that I brushed my hair today. Thank you.

Dinner consisted of a cookbook recipe. Honey Roasted Vegetables with Pepper Polenta. And it was delicious.

Also a roasted Rocky chicken. They're on sale - 99 cents a pound at Big Johns and you can't find a better price than that anywhere. (But if you do...CALL ME)


Juliana said...

Anya I look the same way in the morning too....

threebodes said...

Rosie Chicken at G & G for $'re right.