Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Randomness....by Jessica

My arms have proven incapable of holding the car straight when they see a FREE sign on the side of the road. It doesn't matter if the FREE sign is attached to a pile of dirt or a box of rocks, the arms will veer to the right and cause all other body parts to respond and stop the car, get out of the car, view the FREE item and load it into the back of the car.

That's how Ian got his new bike last week:

And an eagle eye friend at work, after seeing my disheveled appearance after loading the bike in the car, said she knew where she could get a FREE Princess bike for Anya. Did I want it?

Did I want it? Ha! Did she even need to ask???

So that's how Anya got her new bike:

And I have not gotten anything new. Though I needed a purse and found one at the thrift along with a plain black dress which I've been searching for. Neither are excellent or perfect, but I'm making do.

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Justine said...

Can Phoebe have the Strawberry bike? See? I can scrounge with the best of them!

Juliana said...

Lola needs a bike too....she prefers tricycles to evenly disperse her weight:)

Jessica said...

Yes Justine, I'll get you the bike for Phoebe. I don't think we have the training wheels for them anymore though.

bobby thomas said...

free stuff is all ways cool

bobby thomas said...

hay now i fill left out. can i have a Bike to
Jessica. lol jk