Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A veggie box inspires!! Justine

Some of you may actually be following our blog to see if we are going to complete our task of cooking all the recipes in our cookbooks by the end of the year. I'm wondering the same thing...J's, how are we doing?

So I counted up my recipes and and I have 67 recipes left! 12 weeks to go? 5.5 recipes a week?! I can do it!! I have to say I'm kind of down to dishes like "Glazed Carrots" (blech) and "Fish Pie" (double blech) so I've spared you all the blow by blow of those recipes...oh yes and I also have 3 different kinds of Roasts to make, but with heat like we've been having, I am NOT turning on the oven!

Don't worry, we have been eating though. My very sweet daughter has been inspired by the weekly produce box I get delivered. As I opened my box she actually said these words,

"Mmmm. We have all the ingredients for Broccoli Potato Cheese soup. Can I make dinner tonight?"...Ahhh. Music to my ears.

I know you are all envious, aren't you? So now, she has designated Fridays as her night to make dinner. Here's two weeks worth:

My favorite part about this meal was that Malia used Little J's recipe that she gave me when I got married and she was 9 years old (same as as Malia now!)

Oh and here's one of the dishes I made from my recipe book in September...Yes, it was as good as it looks!


Anonymous said...

Mmm looks good. Yes it has been hot. Malia keep up the good work. Bet ur as good of a cook as ur mom

Ur friend bobby

Grandma Susie said...

Malia, thank you for our first meal created by a granddaughter. You did such a excellent job. We are so proud to be your grandparents and love you and your delicious dinner. Cooking is so much fun. Especially, when you get to spend time with Mom.