Monday, October 4, 2010

Best of both Juli

We have discovered a local store that defines us in every way, and we can't keep it a secret anymore.
The Legacy as the brochures says is "A thrift & gift shop specializing in....fabrics, trims, sewing notions, warns, arts & craft supplies and handmade unique consignments" I's that great.

On a spur of the moment jaunt to Sebastopol we leisurely perused the stacks and stacks of fabric and dug our little fingers to very bottom of every button jar. I can't even describe how sweet all the ladies were who run this little shop. They fully understood our concept of our blog and directed us to every need or want we had. They even took the time to give us little tutorials on quilting. So sweet.

This store is open because of the loving donations from people around the area and I think they found some supporters in us!

These are some of there awesome specials:

2nd Friday of the month - all regularly priced items 50% off

Each Monday - Fabric is $1 a pound/regularly $2 a pound (AMAZING!!!)

Each Wednesday - Button day, all buttons 50% off

How can you not check this place out?!?!

I will share with you some of my finds...Mom and Justine will have to share there's

These are quilting squares (about 45) already cut out and ready to be sewn...awesome!

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bobby thomas said...

"How can you not check this place out" Jule Said. that is easy
I have very talented sister do that for me
Like you and your sisters