Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cookbook Jessica

I knocked out two more recipes last night and they were actually really good! Green Olive Baked Chicken & Pasta with Herbs and Greens. The pasta called for green beans, but when I saw these purple green beans I couldn't resist. But when I cooked them..they turned green. Oh well, they were tasty.

I bought a pair of boots. Not the ones I wanted, but ones that were "thrift store priced" so I wouldn't feel guilty about my purchase. Even though the gray ones are pre-owned and technically within the rules of the project, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It just felt like cheating. So anyways, the pair I got are cute and hopefully you all will be able to see them one day. That is, if the cobbler can stretch them to fit over the girth of my calves. My hopes aren't set too high; when I dropped them off to him I said that "ideally I'd love to wear them with my jeans tucked in" and he said "don't push it, let's just work on getting them over your legs." Point taken Mr. Cobbler.


Jessica said...

where did you take your boots? I need to get a pair.repaired but don't know where to go!

Jessica said...

I took them to the cobbler shoe store in the walmart shopping center in Windsor. Kind of near Quizno's.
Sad to report they still are tight. :-(

Anonymous said...

Coddingtown mall has a place to repair boots

Jessica said...

Ah bummer! I have the same problem with my chunky calves, ugh! oh well!