Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me....by Juli

October 9th marked 6 years of marriage for Kit and I. Since we are planning a tropical getaway in December we decided to forgo gifts this year. We always seem to say that and then we always still seem to buy gift for each other. Did you see what I got?!?!? So excited! Kit is anxious for his gift to come too....DirectTV with NFL Sunday Ticket {Oh my what have I done to myself}. We haven't had any sort of cable or dish since we have been married so this is HUGE!!! All I can say is I am glad to have my Iphone so I can entertain myself through all those football games {Blah}.

As for these little red shoes, I bid for them on ebay because they were cheap and I thought they were cute {and used of course}. I really thought someone would outbid me since I was the only bidder, but I won. I was excited until they came in the mail yesterday. They are soooo cheaply made and super uncomfortable. So sad....

Happy Anniversary Bubba
Love you!

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Anonymous said...

congrads Julie & Kitt

your Friend Bobby