Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Things of the Jessica

Sometimes I have problems relaxing and taking notice of the little things. I'm trying to work on that. So here are some things that made me happy today:

This little girl eating raw pumpkin.
Is there nothing that she won't eat??? I'll never forget seeing her rip off raw kale leaves and chowing down on them in Grandpa Andy's garden. When I came back from New York and I was getting ready to make dinner she said "i'm so ready to eat some healthy food. I'm sick of eating pizza and snacks."

Knocking out two more recipes from my cookbook.
Pumpkin, Blue Cheese & Onion Frittata and Marmalade Glazed Pork Chops. I'm proud to say I followed the frittata recipe exactly as written. Even though I really really wanted to dice the onions instead of slicing them, I controlled myself. I even broke out my measuring spoon. I thought after 10 months of recipe cooking I would get over my inability to follow directions...but nope still having problems there.

Seeing Anya read the newspaper.
My heart felt very warm when I walked in the living room and saw this. Even though it's the comics, it's a start. Hey, I still always turn to the comics first.

Butterscotch Square. Couch & TV to myself.
No more needs to be said.

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