Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011...Here We Come!

So...2011 is closer than around the corner and it's time to reveal our month long projects.

- Healthy Month / No Processed Food
- Organize / Simplify
March - No Retail Purchases AT ALL (except food)
April - No Eating Out
May - Reduce Carbon Footprint
June - Utilize / Attend Free Activities
July - Family First Month (Activities picked by husband/kids/dog)
August - Buy/Eat Locally
September - Vegetarian
October - Volunteer Month
November - DIY Month
December - Out of Your Comfort Zone Cooking

The beauty of this years project is it's a little more flexible than last, and there are some months where it could mean different things to each of us...and that's okay. For instance, next month Justine is going to include going to bed early/waking up early as part of her month, and I'm going to be eating no sugar. Juli is going to be volunteering at the animal shelter in October and I will most definitely NOT. Oh and just FYI - we are taking January 1st off from all projects...that means full retail shopping and eating unhealthy processed stuff ALL DAY LONG.

So, let's go girls...Every Sister for Themselves (ha ha get that Nate Show reference?)

I also want to take a moment to thank each and every one of our friends out there who supported us along the way. I personally received so many kind, encouraging words and actions and I know that my sisters did too. We had so much fun (and well, let's be honest here..some not so fun times too) doing this project and it really brought us closer to each other and to many of you...so THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

looks like u have a great plane
looking forword to this year

Anonymous said...

A whole year...you "J's" are AWESOME! So what is going to be your very 1st stop on Saturday??

Juliana said...

Macy's for sure! Maybe Anthropologie?!?

Jessica said...

Mom scared me earlier..she asked if stores are open on New Year's Day. They are, aren't they?? Nordstrom's. Anthropologie. Crate & Barrel. West Elm. !!!!!!!

Justine said...

village at corte madera open 10-6!

Anonymous said...

you girls are sooooo silly! its so fun to be a part of this !

Anonymous said...

codingtown & plaza will be open

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!!! Have fun girls...don't hold back! ;-)

Jeni Perkins said...

I'll be curious to hear what things you found on your first retail day in a year...and your thoughts/feelings/reflections :)