Saturday, December 25, 2010

Black is the new ….well… Justine

Some have you may have been fooled by that stint a couple of months ago where the J sisters were invited on a national tv show to demonstrate their fashion sense. Those of you who know us best saw two fashionable sisters and one complete fraud. Yes. That’d be me. You know the one who wore this lovely garment 500 out of the 1095 last days.

Sometimes I try. I really do, but more often that not I reach for the same 5 pieces of clothing over and over. And frankly after one year, these 5 pieces are looking BAD. Even my husband has offered to take me shopping, it's that bad!

So needless to say at the end of this wonderfully LONG year, my list slowly got longer and longer of essential pieces of clothing needing replacement…that is to say until a VERY good friend stepped in with a precious bag of well chosen essentials. A new black hoodie (bound to match everything and therefore you will all be sick of seeing me in it over the next three years), black flats (I really should have bought a new pair of these pre-2010 . I think I complained about that fact so many times, this was her way of shutting me up) and surprise, surprise a pair of black comfy pants. Rachel, you are the bestest!!!

So now, you may wonder, what is on my list of “needs” for 2011? What will I break my shopping fast to buy??

In addition to a few boring household things (i.e. a new broom...I told you BORING) these are a few things I will enjoy shopping for:

A new black skirt is desperately needed. One of the two in my closet is a maternity skirt (yes, my baby is 4) and the other I got at the swap and has a broken zipper.

"A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life" - sounds like a book I would thoroughly enjoy!


Jessica said...

Funny thing is, that black maternity skirt is still being borrowed by 5.5 years out of should be wearing or borrowing maternity skirts. ha ha! A black skirt is on my list too :-)

Marcella said...

Oh Pestine, you are too modest! :) You are not a fashion fraud! I always love your outfits! I can spend fifteen minutes staring at my closet and another twenty flinging rejected outfits back into it and still not even come close to your level of fashionableness! And you did a great job organizing my clothes for the 10-for-1! We both know who the real winner is ;)
Just to prove that I am being honest (and I only say this because you know I love you) I do agree that it's time to retire your old faithful blue hoodie. But never fear, I think I have found a cuter replacement...
In the true spirit of a Thrifty Sister, all that's left is to wait for a sale!

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Hmmm I have a few skirts in my 'clothes swap' bag. A grey and a green one, they are a little short for me but might work for you.
Also black pants: ask Robyn about the yoga pants: comfy, warm, everything good. I am on my 3rd pair...

Jessica said...

cute hoodie, Marcella!