Thursday, December 23, 2010

Someone Loves Us! Juli

To our surprise a package arrived... 

 What could it be?!?! Its REALLY heavy, 
and from a super special Auntie...
{Anticipation is killing me!!}

 WOW! Hot off the press Sunset Magazine Cookbooks!!!

Thank You Aunt Marlene & Uncle Russell!!!!!!

Our Aunt Marlene has the awesome-ist job EVER! 
She works at {Sunset Magazine} as a cook in the test kitchen.
How fun would it be to test other people's recipes to make sure they are up to Sunset standards? I love it! Us J's (and mom) have a lot of work to do to sift through the over 1,000 
recipes to find Aunt Marlene's.
....I think we might need a hint though!

Thank you again,

Love: J, J, J, & S


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it came...

The hint is: chicken


Alakai's Place said...

Do they still publish the magazine? I remember awhile back when my grandmother was alive she had a subscription to that. Used to browse through them when I was bored. No "tech" back then!

I can imagine all the wonderful recipes you'll find there! I'll be looking forward to your recipe postings.

Anonymous said...

Now r u 3 going to cook every thing in the book.
Julie, justine u 2 should send some of your recipes to sunset

Jessica said...

How fun! Whats in the green juice your drinking, :S

Jessica said...

I found the recipe :-)