Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boots...by Jessica

Some of you who followed us last year know how much I pined for boots, especially in those last few months when it was rainy and my faithful ole black boots were begging to be retired. I'm happy to share with you all that I finally got a pair of boots....TWO pairs to be exact.

And then you know what happened?

It suddenly decided to be spring and it's not okay to be tromping around in boots when it's 70 degrees outside. Rain, rain...come back for a few days...and then go away!


Anonymous said...

Super hot boots. Especially the lace-up ones. I say wear them when ever you feel like it. I gurantee you'll still get compliments on them in 85 degree weather.

Juliana said...

Oh my both of those boots are sooooo cute! Don't let the sunshine stop you, I have been wearing my new boots faithfully rain or shine!!!

Jessica said...

don't your legs get sweaty?

Anonymous said...

Super cute boots!!!! I have been wearing my boots too. You should definitely wear yours!!

Juliana said...

Oh yeah I totally dig the sweaty summer boot legs :) Its like having one of those slimming wraps for your calves, yet so much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

"Rain, rain...come back for a few days...and then go away!" hm hm Jessica! i dont wont the to came
back at all i have to walk in it.

Julie hm