Sunday, January 30, 2011

Butter is Juli

Weekends are the pits. Don't get me wrong, I love all the little get togethers and extra do dads that accompany it. It's the food that comes along to play at these parties. Last week I hoarded food in my cheeks  like a frantic squirrel, and the wii fit scale didn't have the heart to lie to me. I faced this weekend with a little more determination. Friday night I went to a bridal shower, where I contributed to the food madness by making these little beauties.
After taking a meaty cheesy full wheat chomp I concluded that the bread was just ho hum and that I could do without, so I settled on the patty and cheese. I would say cuter that tastier. Next was the Homeloved Mac and cheese.
Fluffy noodles all happy in butter and cheese. Yes I ate it, twice. It was soooooo worth it. Lastly was dessert. Gulp....what to do? Do I dare even peruse. Decision made, yes I will peruse and I will indulge.
The cutie pie brownie was just the ticket to remind me of buttery chocolate goodness that I dream of, nightly. Dear friends, I love you and your food.

Saturday was chock full of more things to do. As usually for breakfast and lunch I did really good. But as we were running errands in Sonoma and then Petaluma we decided it was time to indulge in Super Subs. A friend gave me a menu to this joint a few weeks ago and since then I have obsessively been reading each and every sub description. The hubster and I love trying out new places, especially the little hole in the wall places where if you blink you would totally miss it. Not only was this place delish but the people were so over the top friendly!! That gives it a gold star in my book. All in all this place gets a big A+ from the Fox family, now we just have to come up with more excuses to go to Petaluma. Today is Sunday and I just ate the second half of my sandwich. 

Now do I hop on the wii fit or wait for the dreaded Monday....


Anonymous said...

Super Subs. mmm yes the little hole in the wall places can be great. it all looks good mmm brownies


Jessica said...

So which sub did you get?