Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death Juli

Did you know that I had my very first official massage today?!? It was awesome {thank you Krissy} and the therapist and I agreed that I am now an addict. Now what could I have possibly done to put an end to the bliss of mushy muscles and fluffy bones? Oh I know, lets immediately go on a 7 mile hike! Yeah, I know, not the smartest thing I have done. The hike was great {actually awesome} up until the point when we realized we had greatly diverted from the orchard trail loop and now were smack dab in the middle of who knows where. The sounds of coyotes were getting closer {I kid you not} and I knew the wafting smell of eucalyptus and peppermint oil from my massaged/marinated skin were welcoming each and every ravenous animal in the great wild of Anadell Park. The planned hike was 4 miles round trip that would probably take us a good 2 hours. Well 2 hours turned out to be 3 leaving us walking blindly in the dark. Did I mention that our buddy Danielle who is 9 months pregnant was with us? In the beginning we joked around about her having the baby on the trail, but after she had her worse contraction so far, we were all a little more worried. We imagined sitting all together in the distant future to watch "I Shouldn't Be Alive" seeing us fight off mountain lions by throwing pebbles  and helping Danielle give birth all by the light of our iphone. Good times. Above us we hear the search and rescue helicopter that I am sure our husbands rallied to our rescue. Nope, that was just the news helicopter checking on the rush hour traffic on 101. Well it all turned out alright after we flagged down a reluctant mountain biker who rushed through the directions back to our cars like he had a hot date or something. Did we have fun? You bet! Nothing beats a little fear of getting eaten by a wild animal to get your heart racing. We laughed a lot and I would get lost any day of the week to have fun like that...but maybe after the baby is born.

 Krissy's line of defense against the beasts
Danielle's Nike GPS app calculated our stats while helping us find our way home


Marcella said...

Wow! What a story! I hope Kit at least noticed you were gone. ;)

Juliana said...

Ha funny you say that. I texted Kit Saying "we are lost in anadell, there are coyotes howling, i love you" Did I get a text back...uh no hew said he thought I was joking. Oh well. I guess next time I will call my husbands with my last words :)

DNav said...

Good Story! It was a fun hike but the end was getting sketchy! lol The upside was that I had non stop contractions through the meeting and then they ended :-( I thought for sure that hike would have done something to me!

Anonymous said...

Mikey and I are setting out today to master that darn cobblestone/ orchard trail!! You know where to look if we go missing!!