Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Jessica

I'm not going to deny it. Friday lunch at my work is the highlight of my week. About 10ish we get an email with our weekly lunch menu attached, make our selection and by 12ish our lunch has arrived.

Well, with this whole un-processed food month, my primary concern was: AM I GOING TO GET FRIDAY LUNCH?????

Thankfully, Cadi (fellow food lover & co-worker) understands my thought process and it became MY week to choose the Friday lunch menu. So after much deliberation, I decided on Oakville Grocery. Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich on whole wheat bread. This is more processed than I originally thought I'd allow myself, but things could rapidly spiral downward if I don't get my Friday there you go. It was tasty.


Juliana said...

That was sweet they thought of you, and that sounds delish!

Marcella said...

Ahhh...Oakville. I am so jealous of Friday lunch! What a great incentive to help get through the week! Especially for those of us who are easily motivated by the promise of good food. ;) I would definitely be more productive if I had something like that to look forward to!

Jessica said...

Yes, Marcella that is so true!!

Anonymous said...

Cool jessica.
Hay marcella I'm with u on that.