Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting on the Bandwagon

My resolve to be in bed by 10:00 has slowly eroded away but I am still getting up a little bit before the girls with enough time to do a few chores and exercise uninterrupted. I even set up a little mini gym in my "closet room" to do my morning Tracy Anderson mat work.

The other two J's and other participants are doing so well with their healthy food resolves! Great job! Although I've been eating lots of healthy things (protein-green-almond milk-berry smoothies for breakfast, no coffee, lots of salads for lunches) I haven't totally committed to eliminating something all bad stuff. Sorry about that! I'll try harder, I promise...especially since now there's only two weeks left in January ;-)

One day we had "Breakfast for Dinner" using some recipes from the Double Delicious Book. "Scrambled Egg Muffins" made with egg whites and pureed chickpeas. Okay, we did have a teeny tiny amount of bacon on top but hey, all in moderation, right? I also made the "Maple Spice Muffins" and Juli brought fruit with greek yogurt and honey. All passed the Phoebe and Kit test!

In an attempt to satisfy Healthy Living Month I decided for the next two weeks to make some recipes from the "Lean and Healthy" section of our new Sunset Cookbook. So I sat down and perused the list of over 250 recipes in that section then picked the one I wanted to make the most "Japanese-style One-pot Supper". Turning to that recipe I was happily surprised to see it was the recipe that my Aunt Marlene submitted! What are the odds?!


Juliana said...

Yummy! That japanese soup looks like its gonna be good!

Jessica said...

Wow, what a coincidence that you would choose her recipe! I looked through "chicken" (that was the clue she gave us) and thought..."which one sounds the most like Aunt Marlene?" and picked the one pot supper! Guess even though we don't see each other often, we still have a connection!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast for Dinner sounded good i will have to try that. soup looks good to

Anonymous said...

Well I’m impressed. I don’t have the duties of a wife or mom but some how the task of awaking early to work out seems daunting and impossible. Good job!

3stinkyboysmom said...

How exciting to see the sponsors! They know very readable stuff when they see it. Can't wait to catch up on my (J)reading. So happy to see you all shopping for new merchandise...I'm sure you still managed to be frugal and find bargains.

Marcella said...

Great job...that's very impressive! Breakfast for dinner is the best!