Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye Little Mood Jessica

So today I decided my scale needs to go away. I think it's ridiculous how much I weigh myself - not just once or twice, sometimes up to 4 or 5 times a day! (weigh myself, go pee, weigh myself...yaay I lost 2 ounces....weigh myself, eat dinner...oh no gained 3 pounds...bad). I read somewhere that your weight can fluctuate up to six pounds in a single day; obviously I shouldn't be weighing myself obsessively throughout the day. My brain knows this...but yet still I am jumping on that scale whenever the mood strikes.

So let's just take the scale away.

My mood shouldn't be dictated by these fluctuations but I find myself much happier when the scale is saying a number lower than the day before (or hour) and self-deprecatingly sullen if it's higher. I've asked Zack to hide the scale; if I'm happy with the way my clothes are fitting...then it really doesn't matter what the little mood box says, now does it? So I'm just going to work on liking the way my clothes fit.


Juliana said...

I totally agree with you. We don't have a scale and I only just started weighing myself on the wii fit. I am not sure how accurate it is, but now I am obsessively weighing myself...not good.

Juliana said...

I just looked up close at the scale...pretty funny! It would be bad if you were on the 'eat a piece of lettuce' or 'water'!!

Anonymous said...

Form bobby. Hmm thanks for the info. I did know my weight can fluctuate like that
Yeah & nice scale