Monday, January 17, 2011

I want what you are Juli

Tonight was one of those nights were I didn't really want to make dinner but I had to. Oh wait, that is everynight...agreed? Well time was getting away and the stomach was a growling. Although I just went grocery shopping nothing was really jumping out at me. So tuna fish it was. To my dismay I soon came to find out that there was major lack of mayo..hmmm what to use. Aha! Trader Joe's Tahini sauce! The consistency and flavor was perfect for the tuna. 

This is what I ate
 This is what I wanted to eat
I literally sniffed the living daylights out of that tuna melt and mimicked the hubster as he was chewing the crunchy french bread smothered in provolone. Bite, chew, chew, chew, lick lips, repeat. I thought that I would be a sucker for the Klondike bars in the freezer or the bag of hint of lime Tostitos I have to push aside to reach the flax seeds...but no, I want a tuna fish sandwich. What a weirdo.

On a side note look at my garden fresh lettuce!!! 


Alakai's Place said...

Nice! Looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

awww you poor thing! I just made "sushi" out of canned tuna for lunch the other day, amazing the variety a can of tuna provides. I think I would've caved for that melty delight.- Kristin...beautiful lettuce by the way!

Anonymous said...

tuna fish sandwich i have had that in along time

tuna melt and mimicked never had that. was it good

Jessica said...

Our lettuce is doing soooo bad. Eaten up by some bug...