Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mixed Marcella

This is what's been cooking lately...

Vegetable Jalfrezi: This was an Indian curry recipe from Jamie O. It would have been great, except for the fact that Jamie said to add ¼ cup of balsamic vinegar to the sauce. And he didn’t tell me that if I just threw raw eggplant into the sauce like he said, it would have the consistency of an old sponge by the time the curry was done. Oh Jamie, why do I blindly follow your recipes?

This recipe has potential, but did not get rave reviews. Two family members ate it, two did not. That means I will look elsewhere for an Indian curry recipe. Anyone have a good one?

Dal: If you love lentils, you must try this recipe! It was healthy, tasty and easy to make. Great over quinoa for lunch! I really appreciated this recipe because I have had trouble reaching a balance between mush and crunch when cooking lentils in the past.

Coconut Honey Flan: This is the first real no-sugar dessert I have attempted. It was good, not great in my opinion. My fellow dieters seemed to like it though. It desperately needs something acidic – berries did the trick for me. (I used defrosted frozen peaches when I ate the leftovers) The name is misleading, though. It’s more like custard, not at all caramel-y like flan. Not sure how you could achieve that level of deliciousness without good 'ol-fashioned sugar.

Tuesday was one of those days when I stood in front of the refrigerator till I almost froze trying to find something-anything!-to eat for lunch. Finally, rumbling stomach said, "Hmmm...quinoa + leftover kale + leftover tomato sauce + feta cheese = a delicious and healthy lunch!" It was so yummy! Good thing Costco sells big bags of organic quinoa, because I eat it almost every day now!

Four more days to go! We can do it! :)


Juliana said...

Yay!! We can do it!! I just opened my fridge and saw left over mac and cheese from the Phoebe sleepover. I asked Kit, "should I just eat it?" {ya know so we aren't wasting food} he said only eat if you aren't going to be upset afterwards. Grrr....I threw it back in the fridge...Four more days!!

Jessica said...

You guys are doing way better than me. zack said i should have taken a month to relax so I wasn't oozing project hatred.

Juliana said...

Jessica! Maybe you are trying too hard...You eat healthy all the time, so just keep that up and be happy. All the unhappiness about January is probably stressing you out, which is anti-healthy. Go eat a cookie and be happy! Remember its not only physical healthyness but mental too :)

Marcella said...

Jessica-You're doing great! You are definitely doing better than me in the exercise department! And Juli's right. If you hate it, then you won't want to keep it up. I think I am going to just try less sugar like Jeni next month. No sugar at all is really tough. It's okay though, just four more days!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Marcella. it all looks good, J's u looks like u all r doing really good, great job