Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopping Jessica

I have no pictures of our shopping day.

We were far too busy...well, obviously...SHOPPING! to take any pictures.

But, I can tell you that it was very very fun. We started our day at Sports Authority because it had the earliest opening time. I broke my year of buying nothing new with a pair of running shoes. It was very exciting.

We then moved on to Corte Madera and shopped the day away. January 1 is not a shopping day so big note to self: Next time you do a buy nothing new project, start on Black Friday. (side note to self: Are you crazy? You're not going to be doing this project again.)

How did I feel shopping? I have to admit, it was pretty exciting and fun. The sales were really good, so I felt good about buying things new...but discounted too.

Funniest thing about shopping new: My kids were baffled by the "new" smell on the items I brought home. They kept sniffing stuff saying "why does it smell like that?" Ian also had a headache tonight and I'm partly convinced it's the chemicals on the stuff I've brought home that haven't been washed out almost has me convinced to go back to buying used. a.l.m.o.s.t.


Anonymous said...

glad u had fun shopping, hope Ian fills better
hmm almost!!


Juliana said...

Yay to shopping day!

Anonymous said...

shopping new is soooo theraputic too, it really cleans me out, the bad toxins , i can feel them escaping thru my pores. Good job girls! im glad you guys can finally experiance that feeling also!

love ya!