Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TARGET!!!....by Justine

Aaaaaahhhhh. Shopping again. Its such a love/hate thing. Though more love than hate I have to say.

Am I crazy or are these boots from Target great or what? The first pair is suede and comes in brown or gray. Saw them in person yesterday and didn't buy them but regret it now. That's the 'hate' part of shopping. I really don't like the feeling of wanting something that I was perfectly content without before.

The second boot is leather and comes in taupe and I think dark brown. Hard to beat $39.99 and $49.00 for a pair of genuine leather boots!

My shopping strategy so far has been to buy only what was on my short list of things I've been really needing/wanting and to only buy something that is a replacement to something that I will throw away or donate (though most are not in any shape to donate). These boots could definitely fall into the category of replace/donate. The plastic $11.00 walmart boots I bought in the kids department a few years ago should probably go.


Lindsay said...

Wow! What you said in this post really spoke to me. I too hate the feeling of wanting something I was perfectly content without before....however I also get this feeling on the streets, from television shows and websites etc This is part of the reason I gave up shopping for the year....you should check out my blog for the full reason! http://onelifetoloveproject.blogspot.com/
I was inspired by you and your sisters' project, but I altered it a bit. Any advice for me?

Juliana said...

Those boots are soooo cute!!

Jessica said...

Yes, they are cute! Lindsay...advice for you...don't look at Jillian Harris' website every day...too much temptation. Otherwise, have fun...you can do it!

Jessica said...

I have the pair that are geniune leather in taupe, they are seriously so comfy. I've had them for a couple months or so now, 2 of my sister and sis in law has them too, everyone asks if they are frye boots, you can't beat that for 40 bucks!