Monday, April 11, 2011

In The Recovery Juli

I was privileged, or shall I say selected to watch 4 out of my five nieces and nephew this weekend. To keep the crowdedness down in my 600 square foot house and to minimize the "Juju, I am bored. What can we do now? Syndrome" I planned on a big block of time outside. Its perfect. Bring a pizza and some juice, have them get all sticky and slimy there... then have them rub it off on the grass versus my crisp clean couch. Here's some of their cuteness:

Awesome and awkward moments of kid watching weekend:

1. Having little muses to pose for me so I could play with my camera, "you stand JUMP!"
2. Eating crusty warm pizza with my little munchkins and studly man on a gorgeous spring day
3. Pretending to have a mommy playdate with my girlfriend Ashlee and her pretend child/nephew Lucas
4. Having an excuse to watch Diary of a Wimpy kid 2 and Tangled
4. Having yet another excuse to by Fruit Loops with sprinkles on top...yeah they make that, and yeah its sweet.

1. Having to smell my nephews hair and body after he refused to use soap in the the shower that he refused to take....he didn't smell like soap
2. My washer smoking while I was getting ready for the day...and having no idea what to do
3. Neice #3 waking up in the middle of the night trapped headfirst at the bottom of her sleeping bad and me so sleepy I can get the zippers unzipped. It's ok, she survived.
4. Nephew Ian screaming like a girl everytime we made our bulldog chase him...ok, that was just funny.

How was your weekend?


Jessica said...

Cute pics of the kids! i like your mommy pretend playdate. And I still don't understand how Anya could have burrowed herself in backwards like weird!

Jessica said...

And what is up with Ian and his Lola fear. I'm gonna trap him in a room with her til he stops that.

Anonymous said...

"I am bored. What can we do now? Syndrome" i have heard of that look like u guy had a lot of fun