Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Netties Crab Jessica

Zack and I went to the Oyster Festival in San Francisco on Saturday. Well...I should say we stood in line for it. In my head, I imagined it to be like the Aloha Festival....but for oysters - you know, various food vendors with different oysters, maybe a couple of oyster po'boy samples. I imagined us laying out our blanket in the sunny meadow listening to a little music, a platter of oysters between the two of us.

It was not that type of event.

Have I become so Healdsburg spoiled that I think all events are going to be quaint and cutsey?

Anyhow, there were sooooo many people in line (and we all know how I feel about crowds) and we could hear the crowd INSIDE...we knew we just couldn't handle it.
We tried to console ourselves with 'it's just not our type of an event' but I really felt old and motherly (excuse me - why did you pee all over the bathroom? here's a hand wipe, it also appears you didn't wash your hands).

So off we went in search of somewhere to sit and eat oysters (by ourselves!)

We stumbled across Nettie's Crab Shack on Union Street. They had outdoor tables with heaters, oysters on the menu and lots of foot traffic for perfect people watching.

Thank you Juli and Kit for taking the little rugrats to the baseball game and enduring their endless questions and face touching for the day so we could do some oyster eating.


Marcella said...

Mmmm...looks delicious! I know what you mean about the crowds. Sometimes all the hype ruins an event like that.

Oyster po' boys makes me think of the Brooklyn Flea Market! Yum! Those were the best food stands. Oooh and the pulled pork sandwiches! And the dumplings! Oh Brooklyn, why must you be 3,000 miles away???

Anonymous said...

did know there was a Festival for that glad to hear you had fun


Jessica said...

Marcella, I thought about the NY po boys too! I was imagining a Brooklyn Flea Market / Bodega Bay Seafood Festival event. Wrong! It was like drunken frat party concert. No good!