Sunday, May 15, 2011

Peanuts and Cracker Juli

It's that time of year again to hit the parks and "Root, root, root, for the home team!" Contrary to most of northern Californians we root for the A's. Yes, the rivals to the most recent champs, the Giants {sorry Kai}. It's not easy being the underdog but someone's gotta do it. To help boost up the fan count we recruited two unsuspecting victims Ian {9} and Anya {6}.  They are middle J's little monkeys and they sure did give us a run for our money. Usually when I watch an infant or toddler I feel like I am capable, mature and on guard for any challenge {diapers, puke and all}. But two children that talk back and yet ignore you at the same time is some great birth control. I love these guys to death and they mean the world to the hubster and I, but they sure did test my patience. At times I caught myself thinking, wow now I have a greater understanding of my sisters everyday life and why she relishes her coffee and silence. How did our mom and dad do it with 7? You are CRAZY! If it ever happens that we have kids I will be building a studio like my father to have complete silence. Just quiet, no music, no talking, no one poking your face, no questions.

Ok, enough of the traumatic baseball game {did I tell you they gave the kids bats? Yeah real wooden bats for them to twirl around at close proximity to your face} We had a great tailgate party, a view of the field along with fresh churros and cotton candy. Plus the A's won {woot woot!}. All in all we had a BLAST at the park and are hoping to get back to the park for a fireworks game or dog day {yeah Lola!}.

Who do you "Root root for?!?"


Jessica said...

sorry Juli, I should have just sent one. Together they are far more annoying than separately.

Jessica said...

If the reds are in town that is who we root for (because seth is from Ohio) I love rooting for the team that everyone is against, so much more fun that way, otherwise it's the giants!

Juliana said...

Jess, they really weren't bad. You know me, overly dramatic :) I failed to mention they said thank you a million times and Ian kept on saying, "Anya isn't it soooo much better to watch the game at the the park then on TV?!" It was pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

The Giants!!!! Hope u guys had a lots of fun
I have not been to a ball park in years