Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Squash Blossoms!....by Jessica

The squash plant has a huge blossom! So exciting.

It's like Sophie's choice though, having to thin out my bush bean plants. They worked so hard to push through the dirt and now I'm just going to rip em out and end their life.

Radishes and greens from my veggie box are so tasty that for the first time EVER in his whole life, Ian asked for seconds on salad. He is proof to me that even though it's torturous for all diners present, no matter how much gagging and crying you have to endure - you must continue to put veggies on their plates every day.


Jessica Boudreau said...

I soo know what you mean about thinning the plants, it kills me too! I usually pop them out and put stuff in dirt somewhere else in the yard and see if they live and they often do!
My squash is behind yours cuz I got my garden in late but our weather has been great in the 80;s-90's so it should catch up quick!

Jessica said...

Hey Jess! I didn't realize thinning out was a "normal" gardening thing - why do they have you plant so many seeds if you're just going to rip em out? Can't I just plant less seeds next year???

Jessica Boudreau said...

Why yes you can! BUT you have to realize sometimes not all the seeds sprout so they have you plant a few extra. Like if you want 2 sqaush maybe plant 4-5 seeds. My lettuse is super thick though not sure if I'm suppose to thin it or not. The seeds are so tiny you just kind of dump! Any gardeners who know if I should thin my lettuce too? and what will happen if i don't?