Friday, August 5, 2011

Annual Treasure Jessica

Well, I guess it was time for our annual town treasure hunt. Here are some of the more memorable pics. If anyone needs any ideas for their own treasure hunt in their own town, please let me know. The kids and I have a really great time doing it and it's a free, fun summer thing to do which can be adapted for any age.

We're still going to be doing it when they're teenagers and it's going to be filled with things to find like: 6 friends from your school and introduce them to your mom and dance around the square in your underwear.

But for this year, things were pretty tame.

Out of state license plate

A closed sign

Graffiti (Healdsburg is filled with this hateful stuff)

Someone(s) wearing a hat
{while taking this pic. Anya: Ian get your oboe out of my stomach
Me: Ian brought an oboe? that is so weird.
Anya: I said oboe, he is jabbing me with his oboe.

Me: wow, an oboe is big, I can't believe he carried it all this way.
Anya: Oboe mom, his oboe on his arm.

Me: So strange that he has an oboe that he never told me about.
Anya: MO-OOOOM!!!}

Shaking hands with someone you know

A Fish

And then, while I was visiting with a friend, the camera got taken and the "mannequin torturing" photo shoot happened.

Goofy kids!


Jessica said...

Your munchkins are so cute! Have any ideas for doing this with an almost 3 year old?

Jessica said...

Definitely! Things like: A yellow flower, a BIG house, a LITTLE house, a RED car, an airplane, a fire truck. Are you in Santa Rosa? I remember saying you go to the Flying Goat...the one downtown? So you could also look for one of the Charlie Brown statues. Actually one summer day adventure a few years back was locating as many of the Charlie Brown statues and taking a pic with it that we could. And then we ended at the Snoopy ice arena/museum.

Making up a list as you go is good for kids that little - you see a red car in the distance and all of a sudden it's on the list :)

Jessica said...

Yep, were right downtown santa rosa, like a 5 minute walk to railroad square! Thank you for the ideas! He will have fun doing this!

Jessica said...

oh and dogs and cats too. my kids loved looking for pets.

Rachel said...

You are the best mom for doing this and a cool girl to know for posting it. So need ideas except i don't feel like i have time to do them, let alone keep up with the veggies in my garden. But you're inspiring and I need inspiration so... THANK YOU!

Jessica said...

Rachel, I need to post more realistic posts instead of making it seem like I'm miss homemaker who loves picking veggies and frolicking through town with my kids. I've got many a moment of parking my kids in front of the tv and not being productive (in fact this is written on a day when Ian stayed in his pj's until 4pm and played video games for 6 hours.) I'm glad when other wonderful moms like yourself share their tips with me :)

Anonymous said...

what a cool idea thanks Jessica
just around town cool i try that


charityc said...

Haha..I was starting to wonder about you!! I'm glad you fessed up to being normal;) I love the hunting idea, gotta try that.