Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.....by Jessica

When your day starts out with a bird pooping on your head....you really should take it as a sign to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over your head until tomorrow.

I said this at dinner and Zack said - "so did you crawl back in bed?"

Are you crazy? I had bird poop on my head! No way, I went and took a shower!

So that was definitely The Ugly that happened today.

The Good that happened was interesting. I tend to not be very aware of my surroundings. When you live in a small town you get kind of lazy that way.

I was walking through the grocery store (not in my little town) and I had my purse unzipped on the seat of the cart. I was walking along and an older man passed me and said real bossily "YOU'RE the one I keep seeing through the store and every time I see you I want to reach in your purse and take your wallet. Zip it up girl!"

I was a little startled and I said "YOU are SO right. Thank you. I'm going to zip it up right now."

And he said "Thatta girl. Good job listening and not getting upset and taking that advice like it was coming from your own grandpa."

And he patted my arm and kept walking.

Kinda sweet, huh?

Okay, so now are we ready for The Bad? I got home and unloaded all the groceries and decided to tidy up my pantry, vacuum it a little, throw away some stuff, etc. and my hand knocked off a huge cornstarch container which apparently had not been closed all the way and cornstarch sprayed all through my interior of my pantry.


I guess the other Good is my pantry is now very vacuumed out.

And finally one last Good. What's better than CARAMEL Tootsie Pops?


Jessica said...

good for you for not biting that old mans head off, if my day started out with poop on my head I might have snapped at him!

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed your CARAMEL Tootsie Pops, i would have just gone back to bed after the shower

Anonymous said...

Sooo how many times did you wash your hair??

Jessica said...

lol Jamie, probably not as many times as you :)
to really freak you out I'm going to tell you the whole story. I actually stuck my hand in it to confirm the poopage (this happened while I was walking Anya to school) I then proceeded to finish my planned walk because I knew if I went home and showered first I wouldn't walk. So I exercised with poop in my hair and my hands! ha ha ha...you're dying aren't you????

Becky said...


Justine said...

What is it with you and bird poop!!!!???

Jessica said...

Justine...I know. It makes me very edgy when I'm outside.

Anonymous said...

Jess...ewww! You are so good though, but ewww! lol Birds must really like asian hair or something! haha.