Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Napoletana Jessica

I'm fairly positive everyone is completely over the pics of my tomatoes, but I still can't believe that a plant I'm maintaining is growing and producing.

These first tomatoes were made into Napoletana (or aka Caprese) pizza. Diced up and tossed with a little garlic and basil (also from the garden), scattered across some homemade pizza dough - drizzled with a little olive oil and sea salt and baked on the BBQ for about 15 minutes.



Jes said...

do you just put the pizza on the grill over coals? I've always wanted to do that!

Jessica said...

Jes - yep! If you get the grill really really hot and then spary a little non stick on it or rub some olive oil on it and then put the dough on it, it does fine. It seems like it's going to seep through the slats, but if you've got the grill heated up enough it pretty much immediately firms up enough. I used to put all the toppings on the pizza and then transfer it to the grill but I recently found it much easier to put the naked dough on the grill, then put the toppings on. A little hot, but way less messy. It's a perfect 'too hot in the house to cook' dinner!

Anonymous said...

tomatoes they look so....good
mmm BBQ

Becky said...

Do you have a good dough recipe? I've been playing around with pizza dough lately and trying to find one I really like.

Jessica said...

Becky, I just saw your post about making pizza! My pizza dough is not very exciting...
1.5 C warm water
2 Tbs. olive oil
2tsp yeast
2 tsp sugar
4.25 C flour
2 tsp salt

Becky said...

Cool, thanks :)