Friday, August 19, 2011

A new way to dress it Jessica

The spicy, sweet and sour pickled veggies I recently made are the perfect addition to a martini.

Admittedly I do like my drinks completely overdressed. Once I ordered a bloody mary and it came, not just with the expected celery stalk - but with a skewer filled with chunks of salami, cheese and olives. Yes! Zack thinks that to me possibly the food inside of the drink is more important than the drink itself and I say - duh! of course it is!

News Flash! I changed my earrings. Yes, Kit it really had been a decade of same earrings. Zack heard through the grapevine (me posting it on the blog, printing out that post, emailing it to his work phone, telling a few of his friends, etc.) that I like the Potluck Paris line of jewelery and he thought these might be nice to look at for the next 10 years or so. I agree.

And I kind of like this pic taken by one of the kids (it seems to be Ian from the sly look at the camera). I feel like I'm always barking out some order (pick up your shoes, flush the toilet, wash your hands) so to have a pic snapped without me looking all nice.


Becky said...

Great idea...I love martinis, with a TON of olives!

Juliana said...

Post a close up pic of the earings, i want to see! Oh and thanks for the tips on how to drop a hint on the husband. I was thinking of having a picture of what i want as a wallpaper on the computer until he notices, just another idea to throw out there :)

Anonymous said...

mmm martini cool photos by the way
lol nice sly Job by Ian

Ruthie said...

Wow Jessica! I just had to comment on the whole earring thing. I didn't think that there was anyone else out there but, I have you beat. I am what 33 now and have been wearing the same earrings since I was 16!! That's uhm....17 years. I'm now at the point that they have been in my ears longer then not. That ought to freak out my cousin Kit!! My husband gives me a hard time about it, too. Well you may have just inspired me to go on the look out for a new pair! Thanks!!

Jessica said...

Juli, I'll show you them on Saturday ;)
Ruthie, that's good to know I'm not alone! And that's a long time to have worn one pair!!!