Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh Tomatoes! ...by Jessica

I went outside yesterday and did a full on dramatic sharp intake of breath and squeal of delight when I saw red tomatoes. And several of my tomatoes are getting HUGE. HUGE!!!

Also, you may all be interested to know that my tomato plant has become so ginormous that it completely tipped over, taking the tomato cage with it. The bottom of that tomato cage is so narrow and the top is so wide...I really think maybe it is supposed to be put on the other way.

Anyhow, my squash also seemed to have resolved their little issue and are now growing quite spectacularly.

Thank you Zack...yes I do know it's because you installed a drip and that's the only reason why the veggies are thriving. One look at the weeds and you know it's got nothing to do with me, their caretaker.

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Cadi said...

Yay tomaotes! I picked my first ones on Sunday - three tiny yellow pear tomatoes that Nick declared wonderful. I can't wait to get more! My squash haven't resolved their issues so they are getting replaced with a late-season second round that will hopefully get it's life together here shortly. :)