Monday, August 29, 2011

Whistle while you Jessica

My kids are spoiled.


I kind of realized it when I saw my 10 year old niece cook a perfect fried egg and my 10 year old has been pretending to not know how to use the toaster.

Part of the problem is my neurotic behavior. I don't like a lot of crumbs on the counter and I like things sliced and cut a certain way. Gotta get over it.

And I did, and the two little kiddie poos are making their own breakfast in the morning. I still have to (every morning) say things like: put the knife in the sink, put the cream cheese away, wipe away your crumbs, clear your bowl...but that is incredibly less time consuming than actually making the breakfast myself.

And I became even more inspired to delegate far more chores than I have been when I heard my 10 year old mumble "do I have to do everything around here?" under his breath when asked to take out the garbage. Which is quite quite hilarious since up til a week ago I was making him a fried egg and ham sandwich every day and in the not so distant past was putting his clothes out for the day.

The other little one - the 6 year old - is on the opposite end of the spectrum. You know what I mean? This one likes to help too much. Like emptying out a still dirty dishwasher or cleaning the kitchen floor with furniture polish.

I made a CHORE CHART for this year and I hope it helps even everything out.


Becky said...

lol...the 6 yr old sounds like a cutie sweet!

Jessica said...

haha this is awesome! There are pictures of me and my little sisters standing on stools in the kitchen doing dishes, and up on chairs in the backyard hanging the wet laundry out to dry, and we are little!
It's hard for me to make my almost three year old pick up his toys because of the whining, i figure it's easier if I do it, (he still has to help) but I know if I make him do it now it will benefit in the long run....I hope!

Rachel said...

Right up there with you Jessica, sort of hate the aftermath of them doing it than doing it myself but in the long run...I still have to clean up so it's better for them to start doing these things. Besides it takes out the amount of martyrdom (myself) that I can blame on them. That didn't make sense did it. haha

Gotta get the chore list going! Today!

Jessica said...

Jessica - Yes though it's difficult and annoying to hear the whining, it must be done. Rachel - martyrdom, yep I understand what you mean. Becky, yes Anya is my sweet little helper :)

Anonymous said...

hmm and all this time i thought only
Aunties & granmother, grandad did the
spoiling. its good you have a chore chart