Friday, October 14, 2011 Jessica

Have you all wondered where we are?

I just had surgery on my foot and am struggling with questions such as: should I wrap my foot up in 6 plastic bags and take a shower? and How long can a person sit on a couch before going certifiably insane?

Justine is taking care of little Oliver who spiked a cause for concern fever (for a newborn baby) and is now being treated at the hospital.

The Little J is taking care of her Big J's.

Normal programming will resume shortly.


Anonymous said...

hope you get better Jessica,
how is Oliver, i will be thinking of
you guys

Jessica Boudreau said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner! Sorry things have been so crazy.
Jessica- Teri mentioned your surgery everything go as planned? Are you going CRAZY?
Justine- Karen Dittman mentioned Oliver in the hospital, she said possibly going home. Hope he gets better super quick.
Julie-Good job taking care of family, that can be hard work!