Monday, October 10, 2011

Into my basket you Juli

So here are a few things that have made it home with me lately. Now remember I have a teeny house, so if it makes it into the basket and all the way to the register it had to have wiggled into a cozy place in my heart. Here's what's made me happy:

USSR Era Globe on stand {$6.99}

2 little yellow cooking pots...also mid century-ish
Anyone love them as much as me?!?! Pot #2 is looking for a cozy spot in your heart, just let me know and its yours! I just had to get both since I knew someone would want to be twinsies with me :) {$2.99 ea}

Kodak Hawkeye $8

Kodak Tourist $10

This is called a ricer, it is used to make really creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes....tried and tested with my taters.
I had been eyeing this little fella for a few weeks at Olivers. {only $11.99!} When i had a demo on the circuit assembly with my prop being my phone I decided it was time to let him shine.

Fossil Vintage Bookbag....Big splurge...but so worth it!!!!
{I am not putting the price to avoid thrifty sister embarrassment}

This summery GAP {with pockets!} was hoping to come out and play for an upcoming wedding...but its looking like it might have to wait for warmer weather.

So what have you brought home lately?


Jessica said...

Trin wants o know if you got the camera working?

Becky said...

I LOVE that bookbag!

Rachel hageman said...

I will totally take those cameras off your hands when you are sick of them and have no room left!!!! Hahaha lol

Anonymous said...

wow cool Camera, what is the iteam
3rd photo form the botem