Monday, December 5, 2011

Do you peek?

I don't know about you but I can't help but take a peek in other people's grocery carts especially when I'm at Costco! Here's a small peek at what ended up coming home with me the other day....

  • Bacon, of course. I cut each package in half and freeze in quart bags.
  • Petite sourdough loaves. One loaf is perfect for two people - so I wrap 'em up, pop in the freezer and just heat up in the oven when I need one or two.
  • Pesto - I use a baby food freezer tray and freeze 1/4 cup portions - perfect for an individual portion or adding to a recipe.
Okay, that wasn't all that came home with me but the rest had already been put away when I took the picture! The rest was pretty standard; butter, TP. You get the idea.

Now, have you every wondered whether you are getting a good price at Costco? I discovered that they carry "FiberOne Oats and Chocolate Chewy Bars" which are almost exactly the same as Malia's favorite from Safeway the "Eating Right Oats and Chocolate" Granola bar....but at HALF the price! And for anyone who cares, they are delicious and something like 2 pts on Weight Watchers!

Okay, fill me in...what's on your Costco "necessities" list?

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Jessica said...

Did you go to Costco today? Cause I was there also! My kids just love the cheese bagels. I got a tub of parmesan cheese that I thought was $8 and when I got home I realized it was $16...but it is so tasty we decided it's worth the price.

Justine said...

Went yesterday. I REALLY hope I don't need to go again til waaay after the holidays. I can't believe how crazy it was on a weekday morning! Samples stunk. Everyone I went to just ran out. The only one that had any was some healthy bread :-(

Juliana said...

Ok, Fage yogurt w/ honey is normally 1.99 ea at a grocery store but at costco they are 1.08 ea. The only bummer is they only carry honey at 0% fat. What i always come home with (when i go once every 4 months) Is body wash, sparkling water, some whole chickens, tortellini's, a dog bed, and other good freezeables. The size of your family/freezer/house has a big impact on what you come home with.

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Raw almonds, dates and organic coffee... And frozen blue berries

Lorna said...

I completely avoid Costco November & December. Before then I stock up on their chicken stock, Orowheat sandwich bread, peanut butter and coffee.
I've found that most of their granola type bars are in combo boxes with multiple flavors. I'll have to check the fiber one boxes
Other things I get from Costco - Ghiradelli brownie mix and Hawaiian bread

Ian Walker said...

A necessity? Okay here are mine... Cilantro Lime Shrimp Cocktail, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Muffins, and a Polish Dog.
$1.50 is the most INSANE deal for a lunch since I was in school. Love that place Costco.

Jessica said...

also I love your pesto idea.