Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Juli

So just like YOU and YOU I have been obsessed with "Pinning." There is tons of inspiration for DIY projects and with the help Goodwill ($4.99) and some helpful pins I came up with this beauty:

Shadow box turned earring display case
Its amazing what you can do with a hot glue gun
{Loving my ombre earrings...}

Next came an amazing deal that I have to share:
 This 3 pack of Bumble and Bumble product retails for $69...and I got it brand spankin new at Goodwill for $2.99...Boooyah!

 This vintage dutch table cloth made me think of some cute dutch-esses {dutch's, dutchenese?}
 These are original watercolors that are professionally framed...not sure who the artist is, but I thought they were pretty stinkin cute.
 All in one Goodwill I found 3 decent cardigans...they have big plans...with Pinterests help of course {see Pin below}

So the point of this posting must Pin.....its too much fun not to. 


Marcella said...

Wow! That is almost too much gorgeousness for one post! :) Pinterest is THE BEST!

Jessica said...

wow love the sweater idea! and the shadow box! I used the same yellow polka dot fabric on a chair i reupholstered awhile ago...did u get it at material girl?
so this pinning thing...i have an account but it wouldnt pin what i wanted, but i want to learn!

Amanda B. said...

Which Goodwill did you find all those goodies at?

Jessica said...

you had a great thrifting day. yaaay!

Juliana said...

@ jessica g. - Yes I got the fabric at material girl, Fyi - they moved to the town green. @ amanda - all of these goodies came from the Sebastapol Rd strip - Goodwill, Garbage Reincarnation, and Harry's across from Goodwill.

Anonymous said...

on refashion co-op, someone just did that sweater that they saw pinned. i also thought how cute & think i may try something similar.

Jeni Perkins said...

I would love it if you planned a "Thrifing Day w/the Thrifty Sisters" because I am obviously doing something wrong or thrifting at the wrong places!! I rarely find such great items! Does anyone else think that would be such a fun girls day out? :)

Justine said...

@Jeni - I've been meaning to post that I agree with you that a "Thrifting Day with the Thrifty Sisters" is definitely in order!

Annalee said...

Where do you girls thrift? I don't go often now that we live in the sticks but our goodwill up here is only ok, need some suggestions please! Justine said there was a new one to, where is that one?