Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jamie Van Heusen's Jamie Van Heusen

Hello J's,

Thank you for the motivation!

I am past the 30 mark but I really liked what one of your other guests called her list, "30 before crazy", so here is my list:

1.  Stop worrying about things that have not happened yet
2.  List all of the "ebay items" I have been meaning to sell for the last 4 years (Matt will be so happy to be rid of the piles of stuff)
3.  Stretch everyday
4.  Do some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes, 7 days a week
5.  Stop being nervous about inviting people over for dinner
6.  Invite people over dinner
7.  Be a "dreamer" for a day (I know Matt will laugh about this one and maybe some others too.  Hey, it's a good goal)
8.  Use my sewing machine
9.  Read a book in less than a month (I cannot read a book one time through, I always end up having to start over at least twice, maybe three times)
10.  Use our flip camera more to record the funny things Kai does
11.  Write down the funny things Kai says (8 and 9 are so I have a lot to embarrass him with when he's a teenager)
12.  When I am at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator
13.  Stop wearing my Uggs everywhere
14.  Go on a girls trip with my mom and sister
15.  Visit my sister
16.  Plan fun activities for Kai before he starts kindergarten
17.  Make homemade ramen noodles
18.  Do not cringe or roll my eyes when Matt suggests going camping this summer
19.  Try the chiropractor
20.  Get a hot stone massage (I have always wanted to try one)
21.  Buy new meeting skirts (when your husband tells you it's really is time)
22.  Try a new dinner recipe at least twice a month
23.  Bake something once a week
24.  Finish getting our emergency kit together for the house and car
25.  Get gas as soon as the gas light comes on (probably not good to let the gas thingy blink "1 mile left")
26.  Stop using so many paper towels
27.  Wear sunglasses (since it is still 70 degrees and sunny I guess I should start now and not wait until summer)
28.  Make homemade pasta sauce
29.  Try to find a sense of direction (I am not sure you can find one, but I really need one)
30.  Stop slouching, sit up straight


Rachel said...


These are great! cant't believe that our little ones are starting kindergarten. And is it really possible not to cringe or roll your eyes when the phrase 'let's go camping' is heard?! Good luck on that one. Have fun with buying new skirts. ; ) I've been going to the notes section on my phone and typing in the funny things kids say right when they say it cuz my phone is usually close and then I'll transfer them...someday. You can do this. Put your sunglasses on ; )

Jessica said...

Love your list Jamie, you've got some really really good ones on there! #3 and #19 are for me aren't they? ;-)
And I love #7. Maybe after you do it for one day, you'll want to do it more!

Jessica Boudreau said...

Your list is great Jamie. I love #1 that is something I so need to do too! #21 and #25 made me laugh, have fun buying new skirts, I have so many in my closet i probably need to purge some!

Sue said...

Love your list. I too like #7 and all #10.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, the camping one is going to be a hard one! Good idea about using my cell phone, thanks! Jess, yes, #3 and #19 are for you (I have an appt next week for the chiro) haha. Jessica, #1...I'm reeeeally going to have to work on that one! Sue, hopefully #7 will be a fun day and like Jess said maybe I'll want to do it more. Matt would be shocked! :)

Jessica said...

I can relate to number one for sure! I need that on my list! Although opposite when it comes to camping,,,I plan and wait all year just for our yosemite camping trip!

Unknown said...

14! and 15! Please! and bring my nephew down so we can go to Disneyland again before he's all grown up.