Monday, January 2, 2012

Salina Littleton's List....guest Salina Littleton

Salina on the right with her neice

Can't wait to do these!

1. Learn to sew
2. Take back up carving
3. Reconnect with old friends
4. Resurface snail mail greetings
5. Get fit
6. Learn to play the guitar
7. Go on a road trip
8. Watch a meteor shower
9. Improve my knowledge of wine
10. Watch Casablanca
11. improve my golf game
12. Visit a waterfall and Swim in its pool
13. Go tubing
14. Get a facial
15. Go to a hockey game
16. Plant a flourishing edible garden
17. Watch a movie under the stars
18. Finish recipes in a cook book
19. Pay it forward
20. Visit a new state
21. Swim in tropical waters
22. Host a five course dinner party
23. Spend a girls weekend with my sisters and mom
24. Have an ultimate movie day with my friends
25. Embrace my roots and learn Spanish
26. Join a gym
27. Take a cooking class
28. Run a race
29. Try something new
30. Shop in my own closet

Good list Salina! I'm in love with #17 & #21!!! 


Jessica said...

Love your list Salina! What kind of carving do you do?

Anonymous said...

for #17 i suggest sterling vineyards....depending on if you live local. every summer they do this & it is so much fun! sometimes black/white movies other times 80's movies. bring dinner, chairs, blankets, goodies & drink some wine!

Ian Walker said...

Awesome stuff here! A lot of things to do. Hey u guys should do a segment inviting others to share what things they would like to do on their list! Then we can all do it together! WHOOT!!!

Justine said...

@fingers, chopsticks and bobbins (or from now on FCB :-) I've heard about Sterlings Movies but never gone. Sounds great!

Anonymous said...
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Salina Littleton said...

I've done a mirror frame and a sculpture. I think I am going to carve a mini penguin to start for my nephew. I need to find the right piece of wood first.