Thursday, February 16, 2012

Subscription box Part Justine

Still on my subscription box kick...

Here's a box I would LOVE to try but know it's way out of my budget. Cake Style - Work with a personal stylist and they’ll put together a box of clothes and accessories they think you’ll enjoy along with a video showing you how to put outfits together with what they sent. Pay for what you keep and return the rest free of charge. Who wouldn't love that! I get the feeling they're talking high-end designer clothing. How about we get our resident style expert Juli to set up the same service but with thrifted and Target-budget type clothing and accessories?!!! I'd sign up for that one!! Anyone else?!

All you Etsy lovers check out Umbabox. A handmade surprise every month. Items sent may include jewelry, accessories, bath products, home goods or stationary. They describe chosen items as fresh and modern with an occasional vintage feel, not overly cutesy or old-fashioned.

I think this was one item featured in a recent box:

Thanks everyone for participating in our Citrus Lane Giveaway. Will post winner soon!


Rachel said...

I;ve never heard of these subscription things but they are very intriquing. Esp since I don't really like to shop, i'm awful at putting outfits together and accessories all together elude me. And three pair of shoes are pretty much what get worn.

Love the bargain version idea!

Annalee said...

I'm in on the bargain version! Would love to shop with ju ju but never shop period so fun to see what she would put together.