Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't yell at Jessica

The words BOOT CAMP are intimidating. I was nervous for the first class. Below are some questions I would have liked to have answered before I went to my first class:

How early should I come to class?
Plan on arriving 5-6 minutes early to set up your area and check in.

What do I need to bring?
You will need an exercise mat, a pair of dumbbell weights (your instructor can help assist you with what pound weights you should be using, although we were told to use 8 pound weights to start with and I have yet to graduate from my 5 pounders) and a water bottle.

What should I do/Where should I setup when I arrive for class?
When you arrive to your class, find a spot to lay out your exercise mat far enough away from your neighbor that you won’t smack them in the head with weights if you stretched your arms out wide and close enough to the instructor so you can see them demonstrate the exercises. If you’re unsure of where to set up, ask your instructor!

What if I can’t keep up with the class?
The class is set up so you can work at the pace that is comfortable for you. If the person next to you is able to punch out 30 pushups and you’re struggling with 10 – you’re probably struggling because you’re worrying about how many they are doing, and not about yourself. No one is concerned with how many pushups anyone else is doing, everyone is focusing on getting through their own workout. I've also heard concerns that maybe the class is filled with extremely fit and intimidatingly sporty girls. Not so. The age dynamic and body types vary and though there are girls there who are really fit and in shape and will probably blast past you while running or doing the exercises...they are truly not looking at you and judging.

I have a bad knee/ankle/wrist, etc., what if there are some exercises I can’t do?
Your instructor is there to help you with any issue you may have physically. I’ve heard an instructor say to a camper: “Do you still have that knee thing going on? If so, I don’t want you to do this exercise…do this instead”. During my foot recovery situation I've asked and received many different variations of exercises.

Will the instructors yell at me?
These are the types of things you will hear during boot camp:
“Yes, that’s it! You ALL look GREAT!”
“Keep it up! Go faster – you’re almost there!”
“Get your butt down lower…a little lower…a little lower…YES, right there.”
“It’s not time to rest yet…15 more seconds – PUSH, PUSH!”
Motivational and inspiring encouragement is how I would describe the feeling you will get from the instructors.

What’s a typical workout like?
Each boot camp is a brand new workout every single day to incorporate the concept of muscle confusion. In this way, both your mind and body never get bored, comfortable, or used to one style of exercise. Some examples of things you may do include short distance running, TRX/Suspension Training, Push Ups and Sit Ups, High Intensity Interval Training, Core Strengthening, Speed and Agility Courses and much much more. Each boot camp instructor will make sure you warm up, cool down and stretch properly.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Anonymous said...

jessica, kimmi & i (gina) took jarrons boot camp class for six months beg of last year; they should've told you what was needed for the class when you signed up. i liked that class at first but then it got really repetitive. i realized that i get a much better workout when i do my own cross fit/super setting @ the gym.

Juliana said...

I am glad you got to post this somewhere :) Being the nervous timid type I actually looked to their blog to get info on what boot camp would be like, so this is very helpful to newbies!!

Jessica said...

thanks juli, i'm glad you think it's helpful ;)
Gina, I'm glad you found something you like, I guess that's why there's so many options out there for different types of people!

Anonymous said...

yes, now if i could just get myself to the gym to do what i like......then we would be in business!

Annalee said...

Thanks for posting this jess, I'm one of those who heard boot camp and thought no way, can't handle being yelled at! That actually sounds like just what my chubby butt needs!