Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To make them happy....by Jessica

I recently wrote a little card to Anya and enclosed a gift certificate good for one Yogurt Time.  Chances are we're going to go get frozen yogurt at some point, and the gift certificate just makes it a little bit more exciting and to further the excitement I made the certificate good for 4 toppings instead of the usual allowed 3.  If you decide to do this with your kids, I would word the "Expires: Never" differently because she was envisioning a trip to yogurt time every day for the rest of her life because "it expires NEVER...so I can use it over and over again!"  Nope.  The Old Bubble Popper Mom cleared that confusion up right away.  

And Ian wasn't left out of something special; he won 2nd place in the coloring contest held at the Wurst and won a free hot dog, fries, soda and ice cream (such a good marketing ploy to get the whole family back in there, isn't it?).  

The kids argue about everything so the argument about the gift certificates went like this.
Him: It doesn't really matter if you get a gift certificate or not, because if we go to Yogurt Time mom will just buy me a frozen yogurt too.
Her: Nu-uhhh.  No she won't.
Him: Yes she will.  Otherwise it's not fa-air.  Because when I won the gift card to Powell's for $5 mom just bought YOU $5 worth of candy.
Her: Well I get 4 toppings and you don't.
Him: Yes I do.  Otherwise it's not fa-air. Right mom?  Right mom?  Right mom?
(Mom in corner beating her head against the wall).

What is it I'm supposed to say Justine?  Equal isn't always fair?


Justine said...

Great story! Fair is not always equal. So they say.

Ruthie said...

So my friend from Canada told me to put it this way: Life is Not Always FAIR, But I Love You Equally!
Breaks them in slowly to the real world.

Jessica Boudreau said...

So will you get Ian 4 toppings too? Good parenting question! Guess I'll need to figure things like that out :) At least I'll have a little while to figure it out!

Jessica said...

I like that A LOT Ruthie! I'm going to use that (most likely today at some point).

Jessica - yes, Ian got 4 toppings as well!!! Of course, otherwise it's not fa-air. ha ha