Monday, May 21, 2012

#8 Test Drive Mini Juli

Test driving the Mini Cooper Countryman All 4 was one of my 30's that I was most excited to cross off. There are some things that I have loved since I knew how to love. Baking, thrifting, crafting, the bulldog, the mini, the bubba {aka hubster}. I think I have the baking and crafting down to a knack, the bulldog and the bubba are now my little family...but what about little Miss Mini. One day, one day.

The hubster and I had a somewhat hectic week so we decided to have a play day down in the San Rafael area. What gets better than test driving your dream car in the winding Marin hills, the awesomest Farmers market known to mankind, Sol Food's limeade, a run through Goodwill and a lunar eclipse with cupcakes?!? Yeah, it was that good. 

Ok, now lets get down to the nitty gritty...the mini. I LOVE THE MINI!!! It is cute and squatty and just so adorable. I can justify the Countryman since it is 4 doors and with the new 2012 model it offers 5 seats. Perfect service car...right? Plus why have one sunroof when you can have two! Lola would fit perfectly in the back and the backseat was surprisingly roomy. Now the problem was the inner thrifter inside me resists any urge to splurge on the unnecessary. Therefore for me to justify spending a pretty penny on a BMW based luxury car, gulp, couldn't be done. So little mini, you must wait for me to be rich and famous...or maybe there is a secret blogger reader billionaire that is extremely generous to half japanese almost 30 something year olds...somebody?

In the meantime, please enjoy the cutest commercial ever:
{did you know the mascot for the mini is the bulldog?!?!?...the squatty stance of the mini is actually modeled after the bulldog body, yeah, apparently I have a thing for that look} 

I didn't come home with a mini.......yet......
{and I should really specify, Hubster totally gave me permission to get the mini....I just couldn't bite the bullet}


Becky said...

Sounds like you guys had an amazing dream day! Something we all need to do sometimes.

Jessica said...

I see a mini in your future. Ok that sounded all fortune tellerish, but I didn't mean it to.